Avalanche – BF2000

Code Name: Avalanche

Snow Vehicle Driver

File Name: Costello, Ian M.

SN: 512-89-8788

Primary Military Speciality: Armoured Vehicle Driver

Secondary Military Speciality: Cold Weather Survival Driver

Birthplace: Madawask, Maine

Grade: E-5 (Sergeant)

When Avalanche came of age, he declined joining his family┬┤s business, (poaching, smuggling and bootlegging) and opted for the U.S. Army instead. Having spent most of his youth in the woods with a rifle, he was quite well prepared for the certain rigours of military life and totally unprepared for the discipline.

“As part for a survival excercise, Avalanche and twenty other trainees were left in the wilds with a knife and a compass apiece. Most of the others staggered in haggard and worn after a week. They found Avalanche a month later and two hundred miles away, lounging in a motel and spending money he had made from the furs he brought in…”



Silver microphone
Silver laser rifle