Ace v2

Code Name: Ace

Battle Copter Pilot

File Name: Armbruster, Wendall L.

SN: 533-4902-rt81

Primary Military Speciality: Battle Copter Pilot

Secondary Military Speciality: Ordnance Officer

Birthplace: Seattle, Washington

Grade: 04 USAF Major

“Flying a modern fly-by-wire jet is like flying a computer with wings. Piloting a Battle Copter into a fast-rising themal with the control surfaces vibrating through your sticks and harness – that´s flying!”

Ace is the original fighter-jock jet driver on the G.i. Joe Team. He can push a twin engine, air superiority fighter to the red-line, performing daring aerobatic manoeuvres that other pilots would consider impossible. To Ace, taking an open-harness, high-powered craft into the hearth of Cobra-controlled territory is the ultimate challenge of his flying skills! Ace is a graduate of the Combined Services Escape and Evasion School.




White helmet
Black rubber mouthguard
Black uzi machinegun