Lt. Falcon – Operation Anaconda

Code Name: Lt. Falcon

Green Beret

File Name: Falcone, Vincent R.

SN: 035-3855-LF64

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Medic (91B)

Birthplace: Fayetteville, North Carolina

Grade: O-2 (First Lieutenant)

Lt. Falcon´s family has been in the military for generations, and although he has had many successful missions leading various G.I. Joe teams over the years, he still feels the need to prove himself out of familial competition. Despite his officer rank, Lt. Falcon prefers to be in the thick of the action with this team. He particularly enjoys operations that involve infiltrating Cobra Island, trying to get as close to the head snake as he can.

Lt. Falcon is an invaluable addition to Operation: Anaconda. His numerous excursions to Cobra Island have given him a familiarity with the layout, and his Special Forces training has prepared him for the harsh geographical environment, from the stinking swamps to the treacherous volcanic mountains.

On one of his reconnaissance missions to the island, Lt. Falcon learned of an upcoming meeting between Cobra Commander and an unknown force named “Black Dragon”. From what he could ascertain, this may well lead to an evil alliance of legendary proportions – and could spell doom for the entire free world. Lt. Falcon is confident that his knowledge of Cobra headquarters will enable him to infiltrate and sabotage this union. But Lt. Falcon does not know about the island´s increased security – will the team even make it past the beach?




Black backpack
Black antenna
Black rifle
Black rifle
Black pistol
Black knife